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Are there good experiences with Gentle Dental? Yes of course, but there is an equally growing base of dissatisfied customers, perhaps far more than those who are happy, and of which are a higher percentage than the industry average. But don't listen to us, feel free to read what others have said about Gentle Dental - you will find far more negative reviews than positive. Still don’t believe me? Search online reviews, contact your BBB. If you're a future customer, a current customer, or current employee, please at least think twice, you could be making a huge mistake. Read what others have to say and make up your own mind. This site should be used for informational purposes only to help you make a decision whether or not to take your business to Gentle Dental. The word "sucks" is used as the authors opinion to describe the practices of Gentle Dental and is defined as "to be...inadequate" by Webster's Dictionary. THIS SITE IS NOT AFFILIATED WITH GENTLE DENTAL. This site was not made for commercial gain and such is protected under United States free speech laws as a protest website against poor consumer behavior of Gentle Dental. It will remain online until significant changes have been made by Gentle Dental to address ALL of the complaints by its consumers and the amount of unhappy customers falls significantly as based on online reviews. All donations and ad revenue is spent directly on hosting costs. All reviews are the opinion of the person who wrote it - spelling corrections may have been made. Note: Gentle Dental had remedied my personal situation but ONLY after the site was created, and ONLY after several letters and calls.We have tried our best to ensure all reviews correspond to the correct Gentle Dental office by looking up the address mentioned in the review before publishing it.  If any mistakes have been made please notify us and we will immediately fix them.

Note:  There is another company called Gentle Dental (which ironically had the name before the West Coast Gentle Dental).  They are Gentle Dental of Massachusetts.  This site has nothing to do with them.  Thank you.